Making Every Child's Potential a Reality

There are many ways to volunteer at Stokesdale Elementary!  Please check out the Volunteer Interest List at the bottom of the membership page.  Feel free to fill it out and send back to school to your child's teacher.

​Volunteer Q&A

Are you a stay-at-home parent? Working parent? Parent with little ones at home? A newborn? Part-time working parent? Are you a grandparent?

Do you have a hidden talent? Are you an artistic parent? Have a cool hobby?

Do you have one day a month? Do you have an hour during the mornings? Do you have a couple evenings a year?

Have you been afraid to sign-up for anything because you don’t think there are events/times that will fit into your life? Or that the PTA will start hassling you for everything under the sun?

Have you ever wondered if you are needed and if there are opportunities for you to plug in? You are! And there are plenty!


Please contact us to have your questions about volunteering answered! (

 We would love to get as many Stokesdale Families involved in our school as possible! Let us help you find the best fit! 

Stokesdale Elementary PTA